Starting your day with a prayerful devotion can provide added spiritual strength for what lies ahead.  We recommend the daily devotions found online at the UCC's Daily devotional webpage.


Every Sunday morning, we collect prayer requests and lift them up during the service.  We also post those requests for you to pray for them here.


If you would like to submit a prayer request now, you may send an email to Pastor Bo at and it will be posted shortly.


These prayers are posted as of Oct  17, 2017.

Please pray for:

Children who are being neglected or abused.

Dennis & family for peace and comfort.

Our country, may we learn to live in peace and harmony.

The victims, family and friends of the brutal shooting in     Las Vegas.

Madeline for peace and comfort during this difficult time.   The family and friends of Paul Horvat who passed away.

The family and friends of Glen Curvllo who died saving a woman from drowning.

Thanks to all for your prayers for George Z. George is      doing well.

Walter for peace and comfort

The family and friends of Kay Ritta who passed away.

The family and friends of JoyseTrespel who passed          away.

All the flood victims.





Our Country and it's President

The family and friends of Paula Gomez, Rainbow Cafe.

The family and friends of Diane who passed away,

All those in Maria's path.

All those affected by hurricane Harvey, in Texas and Irma  in GA, FL and Puerto Rico.

Gen. Michael Kelly

Jim and Joe  

Barbara Porters daughter, Beth and her grandchildren     

who are going through a rough time.

Our Country and our decision makers.

The Miller family as they remember Pete who has been    gone for 25 years

Philip in North Carolina.

The family and friends of Helen Wright on her passing.

Eddie Capone, Bless him as he enters his 2nd year of medical school.


Health & Healing.

Eric Disanti and Tommy Ray for healing and recovey from a very bad car accidents.

Camile for healing as she battles stage 4 cancer.

Healing and strength for Elaine as she returns home to heal.

Kathy Schauer Mayers and her doctors, as she faces a    heart transplant.

Suzy that her eye may heal.

Vincent recovering from cancer surgery and as he faces chemotherapy.

Walter for healing.

Vivienne, a little girl with cancer.

Steve Daly for a quick recovery on his latest surgery.

Katie Taffaro and Stan Couzen as they battle cancer.

Regina Shomer and Angelina Tina, for their health.

George Zimmerman

MaryLou Wliverio recovering from open heart surgery.

Walter for healing.

Pat D'Ippolito who is going through chemo treatments.

Carol Rennie

The continued positive treatment reports for Larry, as he  battles stage 4 lung cancer.

Kurt Horvat for peace and healing.

Bernice D'Ippolito to heal and get back into life.

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