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updated April 22, 2020

Because our church life involves many different aspects, mission, and outreach, many people are doing many different things.  To help us navigate those things, we have listed below are the Church Council Officers, a list of our various Boards and Committees, as well as who serves on them.  Also, the dates reflect when their particular seats will be up for renewal.

Church Council Officers
Moderator, Carolyn Schinkel
Treasurer, Robert Hargrove, Sr.
Clerk, Cindy Miccuci
Financial Secretary, Jack Rickly

Board of Trustees


Bob Hargrove, Jr., 2021, Co-Chairperson

Michael DePalo, 2022, Co-Chairperson

Phil Daly, 2023

Pieter Goes, 2023

Rocky Menzella, 2022

Rob Michelson,, 2023

Karen Minkler, 2023

Jack Rickly, 2022

Judy Russell, 2022


Board Summary of Responsibilities

The Trustees is in charge of Personnel, Finance, and maintenance of the Church grounds and the Parsonage. The Board has actual oversight of all Church property, but shall have no power to buy, sell, mortgage, lease, or transfer any property without a specific vote of the Congregation authorizing such action.


The Board arranges for the preparation of the Annual Budget and appoints at least two members to a Stewardship Committee to assist in raising the required budget monies.


The Board is also responsible for the following committees: Stewardship Committee, Nominating Committee, Property and Grounds Committee, Budget Committee, Personnel Committee, and Finance Committee.


The Stewardship Committee
Robert Hargrove, Sr.
Mike Depalo

Jack Rickly

[Open Position]

[Open Position]

[Open Position]



Nominating Committee
Heads of all the Boards




Budget Committee

Robert Hargrove, Sr.
Robert Hargrove, Jr.

Peter Goes
Jack Rickly


The Personnel Committee
Mike Depalo

Phil Daly


Finance Committee

Jack Rickly

Robert Hargrove, Sr.

Robert Hargrove, Jr.

Peter Goes

Rob MIchelson

Board of Deacons

Glenn Woertz, 2022, Chairperson

Robert Hargrove, Jr., 2021

Opal Horvat, 2021

Dee Menzella, 2021

Howard Vigusin, 2021

Jack Rickly, 2022

James Smith, 2022

Peter Van den Houten, 2022

Robert Hargrove, Sr. 2023

Jane Zimmerman, 2023

Charlie Waage, 2023


Board Summary of Responsibilities

The Board shall plan all regular and special worship services, provide ushers, and provide for the sacrament of Holy Communion.


The Board shall assist the Pastor in the oversight of the spiritual welfare of the Congregation. It shall also assist the Pastor in conducting new member classes.


The Board shall be responsible for overseeing any cases of inappropriate behavior that may arise in the Church community.


The Board is responsible for the Music Committee.


Music Committee
Julie Schmidt
Lindy Taylor

Board of Christian Education
DJ Cowell, 2022, Chairperson

Bonnie Slockett, 2021

Scott Foster, 2023

Christine DePalo, 2023


Board Summary of Responsibilities

The Board shall be responsible for the supervision of the Sunday School program for all children, youths and adults. It will work with the pastor in selecting the appropriate curriculum.


It is also responsible for the recruitment of Sunday School staff and nursery caregiver, assistance to the Pastor (or a Designated Youth Leader) with

Youth Fellowship activities, the coordination of educational and special programs and activities. It shall also provide assistance and support for the Pastor, as necessary, with the Confirmation program.


The Board is responsible for the selection, maintenance, and handling of all Small Group Ministries of the church.

Board of Outreach

Carolyn Schinkel, 2021, Chairperson

Mary Mayer, 2021

Marcia Hartkopp-Ross, 2021

Howard Vigusin, 2021

Opal Horvat, 2022

Jack Flynn, 2022

Barbara Emer, 2023

Pat Flynn, 2023

Shelisa Foster, 2023

Mary Foster, 2023


Board Summary of Responsibilities

The Board shall be responsible for shepherding all mission and outreach efforts of the Church. It shall promote missions and the exercise of Christian conscience in community affairs locally, nationally, and where needed. It shall promote and sustain the relationship of the Church with the United Church of Christ and with others on their spiritual and faith journeys.


It is responsible for communicating with the Members of the Congregation at times of family celebrations, illness, loss of a family member, or at any other times where spiritual care and support are indicated.


The Board is also responsible for advertising and the oversight and implementation of advertising strategies and endeavors to promote the Church’s mission and identity to the community-at-large.


The Board will oversee outreach efforts to attract and sustain new visitors to the congregation. Possible new members could be referred to the Board of Deacons for new membership classes.


The Board is responsible for the following Committees: Mission Committee, Outreach Activities Committee, Sunshine Committee, and the Just Peace Committee.


Mission Committee

When needed. 


Outreach Activities Committee

When Needed.


Sunshine Committee
Howard Vigusin


Just Peace Committee

Mary Mayer

Carolyn Schinkel

Pat Flynn

Jack Flynn

Carole Lotito

Opal Horvat

85 Union Avenue, Cresskill, New Jersey, 07626

Office Phone: (201) 568-0608 


We are an Open and Affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ.

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